Group Classes

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What to expect

In a group class at Gyrotonic Bodhi, our clients receive top quality instruction with equitably delegated personal attention.  

It is an underlying expectation that most students attending a group class have taken at least a handful of privates as this is our suggestion for optimal success.  People who have extensive movement backgrounds could be an exception to this suggestion.  

Depending on the class, clients can use class to stay current on level based practices.  I.e. if someone really wants to start to gain a grasp of what a level one foundation is, they can attend all of the beginner and all level classes to develop this understanding.  

If someone is more of an experienced mover, dancer, or athlete, they might find the advance level classes or circuit classes most appropriate for their level.  

Lastly, if someone is looking for therapeutic work, time on specialized equipment, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis combo classes, or a way to develop skills they can practice at home we highly suggest looking through our class descriptions to find the group class to meet their needs.


Group Class Photos