Want To Use Our Specialized Equipment?

Try Our Gyrotonic Circuit Class

Instructor: Miguel Riviera

In a Gyrotonic Circuit class clients should expect to refine their movement capacities utilizing all pieces of the specialized equipment.

Students show up to class and Miguel delegates assignments for each piece of equipment after carefully listening to what the client’s needs are.  

As a dedicated practitioner, he really is an expert at refining movement.  He can spot nuances of the wrist, shoulder, pelvis, ankle, foot, basically everything, and give you a unique exercise to help relieve pain, develop joint integrity and stability, all while expanding range of motion.

As with all of our group classes our instructors strive to equitably delegate hands on guidance, directed vocal instruction, and visual demonstrations.     

BENEFITS FROM THE "Gyrotonic Circuit Class"

  • home practice skills
  • back pain relief
  • torso training
  • core stabilization
  • light cardio

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