GYROTONIC® Tower Classes

Class descriptions from the teacher's themselves

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Jamie Schuler
Hi, I'm Jamie I teach on Monday's from 8:30-9:30 A.M. This all levels tower class is a great way to start your week off right with movement! We will explore and deepen the principles of the Gyrotonic Expansion System which will leave you feeling elongated even after just one class. Taking this class regularly will help you gain deeper strength and body awareness that you can carry into the rest of your daily life. Some of the benefits of Gyrotonic practice include decompression in the spine, increased range of motion, lubrication and stabilization of the joints, awareness of breath, and finding freedom through connection. Basic knowledge of the Gyrotonic tower setup is recommended.
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Annie Brook
Hi I'm Annie, I teach Body-Mind Centering and a Gyrotonic tower class on Monday's from 5:30-6:30 P.M. In my class students learn how to listen to their own body in a deeply connected manner. Body-Mind Centering principles of developmental movement underlie this hour long class. I share the foundational understanding of movement intelligence found in the blend of Gyrotonic workout with that extra layer of Body-Mind Centering inquiry. Come play and discover the pathways that bring you more ease, comfort, pleasure, and strength in your bodymind.
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Jen DePalo Peterson
Hi, I'm Jennifer, I teach an all levels class on Tuesday's at 10 a.m. This all levels class has evolved into a community that has been working together from the beginner levels when it started to now being an all levels class. We work from a deep connecting base and explore different varieties from Level 1, level 2, Psoas principles, homework, and beyond. This is a quicker paced class and we have a lot of fun!
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Page Jenkins
I teach the beginning Gyrotonic tower class at 9:15 am on Saturdays. This class is a great introduction to Gyrotonic exercises for new students or a slower-paced class for more advanced movers who would like to deepen their understanding of the Gyrotonic foundation material. In this class we take the time to familiarize students with how to set up the tower system throughout the class so that students who have never tried Gyrotonic exercises before—or have only had private lessons—can become comfortable setting up their own machine for group lessons.
Kirsten Childs
Hi, I'm Kirsten, I teach two weekly group Gyrotonic Tower Classes. Monday 1:30 Gyrotonic Basics This is a slow flow class connecting breath rhythm and movement and focusing on the basic principals of Gyrotonic progressions 1-7. Friday 1:30 Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic combination class This is a class combining both the Gyrokinesis stool/floor work with exercises on the Gyrotonic machines.
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Karen Kuddes-Baylin
Karen’s All Level classes have a welcoming and community feel. She demonstrates and articulates clearly so that clients can feel comfortable with the movement, meeting clients where they are: modifying, correcting and assuring that everyone is moving safely. You’ll see improvements in your posture, flexibility, overall strength and balance. Muscles will become more lengthened and toned, breathing will deepen and support your movement. Taking this class on a regular basis can help with injury prevention, strengthening of core muscles, alleviating stress and improving one’s overall sense of well-being. It is a great way to get in shape and/or challenge a more advanced mover. Come join us for these fun, motivating classes and expect change!

Gyrotonic Tower Advanced Classes

Instructor: Jen DePaolo Peterson

In an advanced Gyrotonic Tower class, students can expect to learn the fundamentals of the system.  

Advanced classes pull material from the instructor’s expertise.  For example, an instructor may use material from the Golfer’s continuing education course, or some content may be from the dancer’s course.  

Typically you will find movements from level 2 foundation where the sitting on the bench is replaced by standing, pigeon-pose, knees down, or any plethora of different relationships to the bench. 

As with all of our group classes our instructors strive to equitably delegate hands on guidance, directed vocal instruction, and visual demonstrations.    

BENEFITS FROM "Advanced Gyrotonic Tower Class"

  • home practice skills
  • back pain relief
  • torso training
  • core stabilization
  • light cardio

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