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Dec 16-21, 2019 GYROTONIC® Supervised Apprentice Review with Kathy Van Patten


Dec 29,30,31, Jan 2,3,4 GYROTONIC® Level 1 pre-training with pre-trainer Lindsay Wolfe. 


January 10-12 GYROTONIC® Level 2 format 2 Pre-training with Clyde Rae. 


January 21-26 GYROTONIC® Exploration into the extremes with Abel Horvath. 


March 20-25 GYROTONER® COURSE with Shannon Horn. 


May 11-13 GYROTONIC® Dancer Level 2 with Miriam Barbosa 


May 14-16 GYROTONIC® Dancer Level 3 for professional dancers, advanced movers, and certified GYROTONIC® teachers with Miriam Barbosa.  


June 26-28 GYROKINESIS® Happy Moves with Clyde Rae Jollie Ashe.


July 10-12 GYROTONIC® for high level athletes with Angela Crowley. 


August 12-14 GYROKINESIS® level 1 apprentice review with Jennifer DePalo Peterson.