Therapeutic GYROTONIC® Class

Instructor: Miguel Riviera

In a Gyrotonic Therapeutic class students can expect to refine their movement in a very methodical focused manner.  

Miguel is an expert at catching the nuances of what is causing pain and how a movement pattern can be refined.  

He takes his time to make sure that his students really have a visceral understanding of the goal they are working on before moving on.  

It’s most important that a focus on refinement to get the therapeutic benefits of the work.  

Students can expect hands on work, massage, body work, and other manual therapies.  

As with all of our group classes our instructors strive to equitably delegate hands on guidance, directed vocal instruction, and visual demonstrations.     

BENEFITS FROM "therapeutic gyrotonic class."

  • home practice skills
  • back pain relief
  • torso training
  • core stabilization
  • light cardio

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