Soft Reopening of the Studio Starting May 11, 2020

Everyone must read our updated studio policies below.

Dear GYROTONIC® Bodhi Community,

Our biggest commitment is for your safety and health.  We would like to thank all of you for your continued support and cannot wait to see you in person.

Boulder County has shifted into a new Phase of reopening for businesses and we are happy to say we are ready to open our doors this Monday May 11th.  Colorado’s new Safer at Home restrictions allow us to have in studio private sessions and classes with a maximum of four people.  

In an effort to make sure GYROTONIC® Bodhi is following government and health guidelines,  we have prepared by deep cleaning and sanitizing the entire studio including all accessories prior to our reopening. 

Below are the additional actions we will be taking to ensure the safety of our staff and clients:  

Phase 1 of our Reopening

– GYROTONIC® Bodhi staff will be wearing face masks. 

-We will implement the 6 foot social distancing rule. 

-We will disinfect our stations with medical grade solutions after every client. 

-We are implementing a 15 minute window before and after clients for deep cleaning and to ensure only one client per teacher is present in the space. 

-We are only scheduling a limited number of privates to keep studio capacity low.  Classes will only have 3 students max. 

-We are only scheduling 3 privates in the same hour.

-We will be wearing socks.

-We will not be allowing food

-We will be bringing in our own water bottles and water. 

Clients will be required to: 

-You will be required to wear face masks and they must be worn for service. 

-Please take your temperature before coming to the Studio

-You will be required to wash your hands before and after your appointment. 

-You will enter the studio just before your appointment to avoid overcrowding and passing others at the door. Also, after your session please depart in a timely manner so the studio can be cleaned fully for the next client.

We CANNOT host any client with cold, flu or other Covid-19 symptoms – please practice integrity to keep others and yourself safe and delay your service if you do not feel well. 

Please understand these measures are temporary and will adjust in real time as we are able to. Thank you so much for your compliance and understanding. Please reach out if you have any questions.


Jen and the Gyrotonic® Bodhi Tribe

How Can We Help?

Private Sessions

 We encourage private lessons for beginners and folks just starting out.  The hands on work sets clients up for the best chances of success in a group class.  Individuals that start with privates develop their techniques with a high amount of hands on guidance and personal attention. There is no substitute for an experienced professional guiding you on your journey.

Group Classes

Our group classes are for individuals who already have an understanding of the forms.  Our clients typically supplement their personalized work with a trainer by going to a group class to advance their movement capacities in a community focused environment.   

Teacher Training

Gyrotonic Bodhi is connected right to the source and attracts the highest quality master trainers to certify those who want to share this work with others. All the master trainers we host are internationally recognized for their ability to teach others the nuance of the work.

Body Work

Many of our instructors are also certified manual therapists as well.  People come to our studio to heal and relieve pain, sometimes that comes through movement training/re-training and sometimes that comes through body work, which includes massage, stretching, and strategic use of therapeutic rehabilitative movements.  


Opens the doors to Better Health

The GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods benefits everyone!


For those looking to rehab and take care of problem areas.  The combined benefits of increased range of motion, better coordination, and strengthening functional movement helps alleviate tension and pain in problem areas while simultaneously boosting vital energy.

Standard gym style training is good exercise, but the Gyrotonic System is the most complete form of exercise. Perfect for weekend warriors and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to expand their movement capacities.

At the highest levels of competition, even the slightest increases in capacity make the difference between silver and gold.  Olympic level athletes use the Gyrotonic Method to refine their movement capacities to compete at their max potential. 

A little about this AMAZING system

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® cultivates a unique, integrated movement capacity. Practicing Gyrotonic exercises consistently results in numerous benefits which include a healthier spine, greater range of motion, increases in joint stability, optimized agility, superior athletic performance, all from a deepened inner core strength. Seasoned Gyrotonic trainers personalize sessions to meet the of a huge range of ability, age and physical capacity.

What Our Client's Say

"This is by far my favorite place to come to take care of myself. The environment and the energy of the place is so positive and inclusive!"
Mikey Mestas
Digital Marketer
Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 11.04.59 AM
I just love coming to this place to help myself and others expand and stretch themselves holistically.
Amber Widom
Dance Professional
Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 10.50.46 AM
"Training my body from the inside out keeps me coming back and continuing my education. I love my community here!!"
Annie Brook
Rehab Specialist
Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 9.54.39 AM
"I'm able to perform as the best version of myself professionally, and I'm grateful for this amazing system of exercise!! :)"
Jamie Schuler
Modern Dancer

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